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Tirza · Coney Island

Tirza, a famous burlesque dancer on Coney Island "For years Coney Island was home to the classic Tirza's Wine Baths, a burlesque performance that ended in the dancers taking a bath in wine." "TIRZA'S WINE BATH WORKSHOP Tirza's was the most glorious and notorious of the "girlie revues" in the Coney Island of yesteryear.

Its sumptuous pink decor, fabulous bubble machine and swell girls earned Tirza's a renown well beyond Brooklyn's coast line. To gain a grasp on exactly what it consisted of is impossible today, as hearsay and legend have obscured much of its true nature. The one and only irrefutable fact is that Tirza herself was immersed in a bathtub full of red wine as part of her performance. For the first time in Decades, Tirza's Wine Baths will return to the shores of Coney Island in a new run. 

The times have changed, and so has Tirza. Every Saturday Night will bring an all new show with outrageous new acts. A blend of old style Burlesque, new Vaudville, and exotic, erotic performances from the edge.”  

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